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Use this calendar to find courses that start on a particular date.


Registering with IslingtonCS

How to register

Viewing available courses

All IslingtonCS users are able to view and book all training. It is not necessary to create a new account for each training channel.
You can view all available courses from each training home page. You can search by date, course code or keyword by selecting 'search events' from the menu. If you don't have a menu, you need to log in first - how to log in.
Please note that you will only see courses available to your training level. You can view and amend your training level from 'My Profile and Bookings'.

I'm not able to see any courses

You will only be able to see courses applicable to your training level and from the appropriate training channel. You can check your training level from 'My Profile and Bookings' in 'Edit Profile'. Only courses available to your training level will appear in search results.

Booking onto a course

When you request a place onto a course, the system will automatically send an email notification to your establishment line manager. Your application must be approved by your line manager before the application can progress any further.
If approved by your line manager, your application will then be assessed by the course organiser who will either approve or decline your request or place you onto the waiting list. You will receive an automatic email notification once a decision has been made.
You can check the status of your requested bookings at any time from 'Events due to attend and booking status' in My Profile and Bookings.

Requesting a place on behalf of somebody else

Line managers are able to request a place on a course on behalf of somebody else from their organisation. After clicking 'request a place' please select the option 'click here if you would like to a request a place on behalf of a colleague'. You can then select the name of your colleague from the drop down list of available names. If a specific individual does not appear in this list, then they have not registered with IslingtonCS, they are in a different establishment or their account hasn't yet been authorised.Please note that this function is only available to line managers.

Equalities Monitoring Form

Before you are able to request a place on a course, you must complete our online equalities monitoring form. You only need to complete this form once. If you wish to revise or edit your answers to this form, you can do so from 'My Equalities Monitoring' in My Profile and Bookings.

Course Alerts

You are able to register for course alerts by subject area and training group. This means you will receive an email notification each time a new course is added. You can manage your 'course alerts' from My Profile and Bookings.

Cancelling your place on a course

If you wish to cancel your place on a course click 'cancel a booking' under 'Events' in 'My Profile and Bookings'. Please note that cancellations received within three days of a course taking place will automatically incur a cancellation charge for your establishment.

Training history

'My Profile and Bookings' includes a historical record of all courses booked through IslingtonCS.


You can download all of your course certificates (if applicable) by reviewing 'Events Attended' in My Profile and Bookings. The certificate will be available once the register for the event has been marked by the organiser and you have completed any required evaluation forms. Please contact the event organiser directly if the certificate isn't yet available.
Line Managers are also able to view their colleagues' certificates from their line manager tools in My Profile and Bookings.